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Daniel Philip Johnson

Former <Front End Engineer /> at who specialises with #React #Javascript #Tailwind

I'm documententing my developers journey as a Front-End Engineer in pursuit of becoming a senior.

Hi 🖐I am Daniel 👨‍💻 I work remote 🏠 in Cornwall

I am a Front-End Engineer with more than 2+ years experience building responsive and accessible web-applications and 6 months experience in the startup world working remotely I am looking to expand my skills with the right front-end react developer position. I have a Theoretical knowledge of the fundamentals HTML, CSS and JS. I specialise in react development, graphql, redux, redux thunk and reselect. I'm seeking to further develop my front end skills and be part of a team that can accelerate my development.

Current Focus: // Accessibility // React // Performance // Responsive

📔 Biography

I discovered programming as a young child by helping my mother program the game Blue Meanies from Outer Space into the Commodore 64 (CBM 64) memory. Then while at college, I spent my free time playing Xbox and came across XNA Game Studio 3.0 in 2008. This idea of making games for Xbox seemed cool to me. So I started to learn C# and eventually built an RPG game from the toolkit they provided. After I finished college, I progressed to university studying psychology with little free time. My next year I switched to neuroscience where once again I fell in love with programming. It required using a samba Linux server and creating experiments with python and using libraries such as pandas, NumPy and matplotlib to plot and analysis data. Then slowly in my free time, I started learning web development with freecodecamp and udacity and late moving to react.

🚀 Why React?

When using a library or framework, what you need is something that is continuously supported and maintained. React is maintained by Facebook and a strong community.

React is constantly updated with new features, recently with hooks, everything you need to successfully complete your project is there and adding customizations like useAuth and useForm is a breeze.

Once you learn the React library, you are able to build native apps for IOS and Android with the React Native Framework and for Desktop Apps React NodeGui.

Finally, it is easy to learn.

📚 Why Did I Start This Blog?

Recently I started to blog, mainly to expand my expertise, because as im sure you know the best way to learn - is to teach it.

I have started to narrow down my topics to write about. If you have any front end development areas you are interested in let me know on twitter.

Almost everyday I am working with JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Next.js and TailwindCSS. When I identify a gap in my knowledge I will write about it. Sometimes you spend a lot of time with a certain topic you start to forget things. When this happens i'll start to write about the topic and yes I do tend to forget the basics. Sometimes React can spoil you when it comes back to working with the DOM.

Please Note: Do not treat my blogs as the sole source of truth. Please think critically and evaluate it for yourself. Sometimes my blogs cannot cover the whole topic. I might not have the time to write 100% about a topic. Please be aware of that. The internet can be a great place, you can find more complete explanations I am sure. I always try to write in the simplest terms and provide information in a managable way. If you feel some areas are not easy to grasp please provide me with feedback.

🙏 Thank You

I'm glad you found your way to my blogs, I really hope, you will learn a lot from writing.

Please, feel free to leave your feedback on my twitter page tag me and let me know if there is something missing on inaccurate.