Daniel Philip Johnson
Daniel Philip Johnson

Daniel Philip Johnson


👋 Hi! My name is Daniel Philip Johnson. I am a Full-Stack Engineer with more than 2+ years of coding experience. Currently I am embarking on a journey to become a Full-Stack senior engineer with Hiyield. I've spent most of my career rocking the startup scene and still I continue to enjoy building rapid greenfield projects to help clients get their vision to market first.

  • 😄 Pronouns: Him, he, they
  • 📌 Cornwall 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  • ğŸŽ“ Bsc Psychology | University of Plymouth 🏫
  • 🥼 Psychologist turned React developer 🖥️
  • A Nuxt developer that is looking to collaborate with others
  • ❤️ Linux Enthusiastic, Nuxt, graphql
  • 🖥️ I’m currently using Kubuntu 20.04 and Manjaro 20.0.3
  • 🔭 In my spare time I build linux from scratch
  • ⚡ Fun fact: I started programming with Basic on Commodore 64 (CBM 64) but never owned a pc until Windows Vista in 2008 😑. My desktop 🖥️ was Packard Bell iMedia x2414 with an enormous amount of Ram totalling 2GB. It did not take too long for me to consider my options and use Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope). From, there I have used Linux ever since and yes, I use KDE for my GUI "you know what they say old habits die hard."

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I discovered programming as a young child by helping my mother program the game Blue Meanies from Outer Space into the Commodore 64 (CBM 64) memory. Then while at college, I spent my free time playing Xbox and came across XNA Game Studio 3.0 in 2008. This idea of making games for Xbox seemed cool to me. So I started to learn C# and eventually built an RPG game from the toolkit they provided. After I finished college, I progressed to university studying psychology with little free time. My next year I switched to neuroscience where once again I fell in love with programming. It required using a samba Linux server and creating experiments with python and using libraries such as pandas, NumPy and matplotlib to plot and analysis data. Then slowly in my free time, I started learning web development with freecodecamp and udacity and late moving to react.

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What am I currently working on

I've started building a linkedin React and Django-rest clone that I am starting to turn into a blog series.

The current focus of my blogs

Well my personal goal is to help others get their first programming job. It can be a daunting experience and sometimes lonely. If you follow me on twitter you will know I try to give others encouragement and to give lots of praise for their milestones. I will also document my personal journey on my way towards becoming a senior. Every month I plan to reflect on my knowledge, learning, my pitfalls and failures.


  • web development;
  • micro-services;
  • software testing;
  • automation;
  • DevOps;
  • remote work;
  • working from home;
  • public speaking;
  • conference speaker;
  • book writing;
  • content creation;

ğŸŒŽ Find me around the web :

  • Sharing useful programming resources on LinkedIn 💼
  • Tinkering with my projects on Codepen 🏓
  • Showing my work in progress Instagram 📹🤳

☕ Wanna Chat?

@ me on <a href="https://twitter.com/danielp_johnson>Twitter about any of the following topics! 💬\

  • ReactJS: I would love to hear about your projects, or help you find helpful resources?\
  • JS: If you require any resources, course suggestions or app ideas let me know!\
  • HTML/CSS: If you want someone to work with on a project and I am free, then I will happily collaborate.\
  • Nuxt/Vue: I've recently started with Nuxt and Vue.js I would love to share your wisdom and knowledge
  • Psychology: I love to talk about this topic feel free to ask me any questions.\
  • Neuroscience: My chosen topics are Default Mode Network, Perceptual Priming, Implicit Memory and Mental Imagery\
  • Have any question: Contact me here and I will try to respond quickly\
  • Other: Talk to me about your favourite video game, I causally play Fortnite or what you are currently watching? Suggestions always appreciated!\